Imagine having perfect lighting, a comfortable climate, and optimal security – all completely controlled at your fingertips. Audio Video Protocol can make it happen!

Based in Plainview, New York, our AV experts build smarter homes for residents across all of Long Island. Choose our team for professional, and customizable home automation installation services!

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Whole House Smart Home Design & Installation In Long Island, NY


What Is Smart Home Automation?

If you’ve never heard of smart home automation before, it’s easy to think of it as a procedure that provides you with a living environment that’s more receptive to your needs and preferences. Changing the temperature on your phone, adjusting the lighting by clapping your hands, or requesting your favorite song on command are all features you can experience through smart home automation.

And the best part of it all? Your smart home automation system will automatically save all your settings and perform all these duties, so you can stay focused on all your other tasks.


For the most part, “smarter” means “simpler,” and “simpler” can mean everything from “relaxing” to “convenient” to “accommodating” for you and your home.

Efficiency, simplicity, and security are three essential traits homeowners can expect through smart home automation. Check out our service areas and take advantage of our smart home automation installation services!

Why Give Yourself The Smart Home Advantage?

While it’s easy to only think of innovative tools and gadgets, there are also a variety of other advantages homeowners can expect to benefit from smart home automation.

Here are a few other reasons homeowners should consider the smart home advantage!

Improving energy efficiency should be a top priority for every homeowner. Through smart home automation, you can make your house more eco-friendly through more effective climate and lighting control options, such as smart thermostats or automatic lighting control systems that will preserve as much energy as possible.
Smarter homes also mean smarter spending. These state of the art technologies will help homeowners cut down their costs on everything from utility bills to energy expenses, potentially saving you thousands of dollars every year!
Smart home automation does wonders for helping homeowners get more peace of mind with their at-home security precautions. In addition to keeping your home safe and secure, you can monitor your premises or adjust your security controls from anywhere, anytime, with remote access security options.
At the end of the day, smart home automation is intended to handle all the mundane yet essential tasks that tend to take up large portions of our day. The less you worry about remembering to set the security alarms or turn off the lights when you’re not home, the more you can focus on making the most of your day!

Get Successful Smart Home Automation From Audio Video Protocol

The key to successful smart home automation starts with working with an experienced and equipped company to provide your home with all the innovative technologies you’re looking for. At Audio Video Protocol, making your home smarter is not just what we do best – it’s our passion.

If you’re looking for an experienced and innovative smart home automation company, we can start building your smart home today!




Lighting Control
We offer state of the art lighting control systems that illuminate your home to its fullest potential. From set-in-advance settings to motion activation sensors to emphasizing energy efficiency, our lighting control systems adhere to all your lighting needs.
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Climate Control
Keeping your home as cool and comfortable as possible requires an advanced climate control system for optimal performance. Installing a smart home climate control system allows you to automatically adjust internal temperatures while improving the energy efficiency of your home and lowering utility costs.
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Automated Blinds
From waking up to morning sunshine to falling asleep to absolute darkness, our automated blind systems are customized to meet all your lighting and shading preferences. We offer extensive residential and commercial automated blind solutions that allow you to achieve any mood at any time of day!
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Surveillance Systems
Keep your home as safe and secure as possible with any of our innovative surveillance system options, from security cameras you can remotely control on your smartphone to motion detection sensory systems. We can equip your premises with advanced surveillance solutions that will give you the ultimate peace of mind!
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WiFi Solutions
Tired of dealing with faulty WiFi connections throughout your home or place of business? Our WiFi solutions will keep you connected to the internet, regardless of where you are! Choose from the latest WiFi booster systems built for premium connectivity for any room in your house.
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Audio Visual
Our multi-room audio and video solutions deliver crystal-clear audio and video throughout your home, always at a premium price. Enjoy your home to the fullest with total control over all your indoor or outdoor speakers and visual systems, and customize your A/V preferences with our expert design and installation team.
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