Nowadays, there’s less incentive to go out to the movie theater than ever before. Long lines, big crowds, and expensive tickets are quite the norm for the average movie-goer, not to mention spending over $10 on a box of popcorn?! 

Not to mention, movie theater attendance has not recovered to pre-pandemic levels, according to Statista. And more and more movies are released on streaming sooner than before. Some movies are even released straight to streaming services and never hit the theater. 

That’s why more and more people are resorting to professional home theater installations to bring home the magic of movie-watching. With seemingly infinite streaming options and home theater accessories to choose from, implementing a home theater system set up in your house is easier than ever before! 

Watching the latest movies and television shows is much more comfortable and accessible than heading out to the movie theater, which makes a home theater setup ideal. So, what does it truly take to transform that room in your house into the ultimate cinematic experience? 

Here are ways to step up your home theater system and start watching movies as the director intended! 

1. Upgrade To A Projector For An Authentic Viewing Experience

If you’re looking to equip your home with crystal clear, movie theater-like picture quality, it doesn’t get any closer than installing your own home theater projector and projector screen! 

There are plenty of projectors on the market that you can pick and choose from that come standard with 4K quality, high contrast ratios, or 1080p support for a better high-resolution video. 

Projectors offer more sizing and spacing options to better accommodate your home theater environment. 

2. Install An Immersive Surround Sound System 

Richer, deeper, and more authentic: When it comes to replicating the movie theater viewing experience, installing a surround sound system for your home theater setup is an absolute must! 

Perhaps the most standard surround sound system model is 7.1 surround sound, which utilizes eight audio channels to create a deeper, comprehensive sonic experience. 

With its left, right, and center speakers providing sound from the front, four additional surround speakers are installed on the sides and back of the room, with an eighth channel that serves as a subwoofer for extra bass. 

This type of surround sound setup is the standard for sonic excellence!

3. Add Acoustic Panels To Improve The Sound

Ready to take your newly installed surround sound system to the next level? Acoustic panels are the difference between hearing and feeling the sound of any given movie. 

Custom acoustic panel installation is what will not only enrich the audio performance of your home theater system but also better accommodate your overall acoustics. 

Best of all, they can externally muffle or subdue the sound of your home theater room from all the other rooms in the house, so you’re not waking anybody up or rattling the rest of the house with explosions or car chases.

4. Perfect The Lighting With A Control System

Sure, picture and sound quality are essential for at-home movie viewing, but nothing truly captures the look and feel of your local movie theater quite like installing your own lighting control system. 

When watching movies at home, lighting isn’t as simple as turning on/off, especially when you’re trying to accommodate guests or kids. Lighting control systems offer a wide variety of lighting options and settings, from customized dimming to voice-command capabilities. 

The more in control you are with your lighting, the more authentic your home theater system will feel!

5. Incorporate Automatic Blinds For Effortless Pitch Darkness

Another option for lighting control includes smart shades and blinds. Rather than fumbling with curtains or shade pulls, you can automatically close your blinds or shades with the touch of a button. 

Integrate these with the rest of your home automation system and enjoy the ambiance of your darkened theater room.  

6. Don’t Skimp On Luxury Seating

With so many seating options, it can be hard to choose the right one for your home theater. But one thing is for sure; you want the most comfortable and convenient seating options for your home theater. 

Recliners, heated or cooled chairs, or even massage chairs can be included in your home theater experience to step up your comfort level. 

There are even options for chairs with tray tables, so you can enjoy your drinks and snacks while watching your favorite movies or TV shows. Just try not to fall asleep!

7. Stay As Comfortable As A Real Theater With Climate Control

Movie theaters are famously cool and comfortable for an optimal viewing experience. However, you can recreate this experience in your own home with climate control. 

Automated climate control systems can keep your home theater room at the best temperature for movie-watching. So if you’re the one who brings a blanket or jacket to the movie theater because it’s too cold, your home theater can be the perfect temperature for you. 

8. Bring All Your Tech Together With Smart Home Integration 

With today’s home theater design and installation possibilities, you can finally integrate your home theater experience with all your other smart home automation features! 

With the swipe of your smartphone, the touch of your mobile device, or even the shout of your voice, you can manage every aspect of your home theater setup. 

If your home theater has windows, the sunlight often causes glares on your screen and disrupts the darkness that elevates a movie-watching experience. Automated blinds are a perfect solution for bright windows. They combine elegance with innovation by connecting to your smart home setup or smartphone. 

You can close the blinds automatically or set a regular schedule to optimize your home’s heating and cooling. Automated blinds are available in custom sizes and provide superior light filtering. 

9. Find The Best Streaming Services For Movie Lovers 

As we cut ties with cable television, we’re surrounded by different streaming services. But which ones are the best for you? 

Between Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and many more, how do you decide which ones have the best content for you and your family? We broke down the top streaming services and who would love them. 


Base pricing at $6.99 (with ads)

Netflix is the classic streaming service. With loads of content, including Netflix-produced content, which seems to get better every year, Netflix is perfect for those who like variety. 

Netflix has plenty of content for adults and children. Like most streaming services, however, you have to watch out for your favorite shows leaving the streaming service. 


Bundle Duo Basic plan for $9.99, which includes Disney+ (with ads) and Hulu

Disney has multiple bundles, going from the Bundle Duo Basic to the Legacy Disney Bundle, which includes Disney+ (no ads), Hulu (with ads), and ESPN+ (with ads). 

Since Disney acquired Marvel and Star Wars, there is plenty of content for science fiction lovers. Disney+, of course, has plenty of content for kids and makes it perfect for family movie sessions. 


Base Plan is $72.99 per month

YouTube TV is great if live TV and sports are your thing. You can also add ad-ons like MAX, STARZ, NBA League Pass, Paramount+, and more. 


Base plan is $9.99 per month

If you love the high-end content that comes with HBO, you can always subscribe to HBO Max. This streaming service is home to many favorites, including Succession, True Detective, Game of Thrones, The Gilded Age, and more. 

This is not an exhaustive list of the possible streaming services you can incorporate into your home theater. There are many other services that offer different content that can suit you and your family’s preferences. 

10. Custom Concession Stand

If you love popcorn and can’t watch a movie without it, you can always create your own concession stand in your home theater. A classic popcorn machine will cost between $80 to $300, depending on the size and volume you’re looking for. 

But don’t forget your favorite candy and drinks! Incorporate a table of your favorite snacks and a mini-fridge stocked with your favorite beverages. Plus, refills are always free!

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