Movies and television shows aren’t the only ways to enjoy your home theater. Adding video games or classic arcade games can give you more excuses to enjoy your home theater. 

After all, you put in the work to make it perfect. You might as well have full enjoyment!

Audio Video Protocol has put together some suggestions for optimizing your home theater to make it the ultimate gaming room. 

Get The Latest Gaming Consoles

As with any gaming room experience, you need the latest consoles. Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo are the “big three” of video gaming consoles with their own catalog of games to suit your preferences. 

No matter which consoles you choose, make sure you have enough controllers, batteries, and charging cables to ensure maximum entertainment.

Maximize The Resolution

Your home theater has either a large television screen or a projector and backdrop. Either way, you need to maximize the resolution to get the most out of your home theater gaming room. Make sure your television has 4K resolution, or opt for a 4K projector. 

Most televisions and projectors have settings to enhance video game visual performance, so make sure to change these settings when you want to play the latest video game with impeccable graphics. 

Adjust The Lighting

Your home theater should have maximum lighting control. This can be done through a smart home system like Alexa or Google Home or by accessing your home theater’s lighting through an app on your smartphone. 

Some video games are designed for dark rooms. Plus, you don’t want a glare on your screen blotching out an important part of the scene.  

If your home theater room has windows, you need automated blinds to help keep the sunlight out. After all, large movie theaters aren’t brightly lit for a reason – movies and video games stand out better in the dark. 

Invest In High-Speed WiFi

Every good gaming console needs high-speed internet to reduce dreaded lag and loading time. If your main home’s router is too far from the home theater, you need additional equipment to ensure your gaming consoles are connected and won’t experience downtime or slow connections. 

Go Big On Sound

Explosions. Whispers. Background music. You need it all to experience video games to the fullest. 

Many video games are essentially movies themselves, complete with high-res graphics and intense storytelling. That’s why you need to go big on sound. 

You can choose between surround sound or a soundbar, depending on the size of your room and what sound experience you want. 

Kick It Old School

If you have the space in your home theater, consider adding a few old-school gaming consoles, like an arcade cabinet or a pinball machine. These coin-operated machines are popular because of their nostalgia and can add a fun flair to your home theater. 

If you’re watching something casual like a sports game, you and your friends can have a pinball or Pac-Man tournament during the commercials. 

Make Snacks & Beverages Easily Accessible

When you’re in the middle of a big moment during a video game, you don’t have time to run for another snack or beverage. Consider a beverage and snack station in your home theater, stocked with favorites you can grab during loading screens or during a pause in the action. 

Optimizing NY Home Theaters For Amazing Gaming Experiences

At Audio Video Protocol in Plainview, New York, we do more than turn your home theater into an experience; we can turn your home theater into an interactive gaming room, so you receive maximum entertainment from your investment. Give us a call today for more information about how you can maximize your home theater experience. 

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